About Amber Spiler

Amber Spiler began her equestrian experience at age 5 in the horse country of Ocala, Fla. Inspired and supported by her mother, Trish Cavalier, she began working with Mary Rivers where she developed extensive knowledge that covered many breeds and styles of riding. “She was my idol and second mom. She was one of the most important role models in my life.” Amber earned the title of National Champion Equitation rider in the Paso Fino breed as well as four other national championships and several regional and state championships. Life took her away from horses for 20 years. As life allowed, Amber rekindled her passion while watching her daughters, Bella and Lily, learn to ride and experience the excitement that had consumed her as a young girl. Then she found Toby, her current horse, through CANTER Mid-Atlantic (an organization that places thoroughbreds into good homes when their racing career ends). “Toby helped me find my soul again!” It is with this enthusiasm for horses that Amber decided to pen Blackwatch Stables Series , weaving her own experiences into this delightful story for the tween and adult audience.